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creditMaking credits doesn’t have to be difficult or require hours of monotonous grinding! In fact, the entire premise of this guide is to acquire credits while doing the things you enjoy doing.

This guide is accessible to anyone, from the brand new player to the veteran who is looking for new ways to make money.

In order to start making millions of credits with minimal effort, you will likely have to make a few small changes to your playstyle.

1) Start viewing every single item you acquire as potential credits. No hoarding items you don’t really need. You might already have millions in your bank without knowing it.

2) Loot everything. No skipping out on those level 30 NPCs you killed on your way to help a friend. Every single credit adds up, and even low level/trash NPCs can drop items worth a surprising amount.

3) Never “pass” on group loot rolls. The only exception, of course, is if you’re specifically letting someone else have it. Otherwise, every single item—including reputation items—can either be sold to a vendor or on the GTN for credits.

4) Get comfortable using the Galactic Trade Network (GTN). Since this guide is based around making money predominantly from items, get used to the idea of buying and selling items.

5) Get crew skills. If you’re new to crew skills, I recommend only getting gathering skills. If you’re more confident, try a crafting skill. Crew skills are the secret to raking in credits even while in the middle of a raid, PVP, or whatever it is you like to do!

6) If you’re questing, either to level or to do dailies, don’t skimp on bonus quests (unless they award 0 credits). Most just require a few extra kills and can bring in almost a whole daily zone’s worth of extra credits. Remember, every single credit adds up.

Once you’re in the proper mindset—that every credit counts and items are money—you’re ready to begin!

 Crew Skills Explained

It’s my experience that a very large number of players who are not already fans of MMO crafting give crew skills a wide berth. Fortunately, there’s nothing to be afraid of! Crew skills are extremely straightforward once you get over the initial stage fright.

There are three types of crew skills: crafting, gathering, and mission. The names are fairly self-explanatory. Crafting skills use items obtained from the gathering and mission skills to create new items, gathering skill items can be obtained either through nodes found in the wild or through missions, and mission skill items can only be obtained through running missions.

Each type of crew skill has advantages and disadvantages for making credits.

As a general rule:

  • Crafting skills make the most overall profits, but it takes longer to see returns.
  • Gathering skills make the most consistent profits at a quick rate, but for lower overall values.
  • Mission skills give “critical” items worth large amounts, but aren’t great for consistent profits.

I always advise players new to crew skills, and freshly rolled alts, to take Archaeology, Slicing, and Treasure Hunting. But if you’re serious about making credits from crew skills, you can’t go wrong by having as many skills as possible—even the same skill on multiple characters! For example, I have three 500 Archaeology characters that I run missions on every day to get a large pile of materials.

If you’re leveling a character, it is worth your time to level your crew skills with your character. You might have to run a bit out of your way to pick up gathering nodes, but the payoff is potentially millions of credits in materials by the time you’re level 60. More on this later in the guide!

Also, always keep in mind the way events in the game will have an effect on the economy. Some examples of this are:

– When the Rakghoul event rolls around, people suddenly want to buy Universal MK-2 kits to get the special stronghold items off the reputation vendors. Prices almost always skyrocket during the event.

– During double XP events, items for low level characters suddenly jump in value—everything from looted green armor to crafted mods and implants.

– Right after a PVP gear increase, the augment market tends to spike in price, presumably since people are more willing to aug out new armor sets if they’re already pulling mods from new gear.

– Ever since Strongholds and Conquest were released, the low level mats used to craft those items have stayed high in value, whereas they were worth virtually nothing before. Conquest mats are also worth way more in weeks with heavy crafting bonuses, since that’s when the most people will be buying them.

The key is to think about what’s going on in game and how it can change the market. If you’re smart and proactive—such as stockpiling MK-2 kit materials in the weeks before a Rakghoul Event–you can really make a huge profit.