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Resolve has been in SWTOR since its launch and is an integral mechanic of PvP combat. It’s a preventative measure that stops enemy players from locking you out of play for an extended period of time by chaining CC’s together.

Crowd Control abilities can apply a number of negative effects to your character. Not all of these crowd control abilities increase your resolve. For the purposes of this guide, we’ll be using the term ‘Crowd Control’, or ‘CC’, to refer to any ability that increases your resolve. We will touch on Crowd Control more in depth in the next post.

Resolve3Here’s my character portrait. The resolve bar will show up when you’re flagged for pvp or have engaged in combat with another player via a duel. You can also display this over your character by going to your game menu → Preferences → Nametags. Preference Window
Your resolve bar determines how frequently you can be CC’d within a set period of time. When you’re CC’d, your resolve bar will increase by a set amount like this:


Your bar will remain at that point until the CC ends, or you break it using your CC breaker. At this point it will begin counting down to 0 again at a rate of 25 resolve per second if your bar is not filled, or 100 per second if it has been filled.

Your resolve bar has 1000 points total, and CCs that increase this resolve will fill up your bar a set amount of points based on the CC that was used on you. Your Resolve bar will turn white at or past 1000 points, you cannot be CC’d again until your resolve bar has completely drained. It should be noted that resolve doesn’t prevent you from being rooted, slowed or hindered.


Resolve is there to stop you from being stun locked. A term used for locking you out of a fight long enough to kill you. Each class has a CC break, sometimes two. Some classes also have defensive abilities that can be activated during the CC, which can sometimes determine the way a fight  goes. You must be careful using your CC breaker, as often PvPers will attempt to trick you into using it only to immediately CC you again with a longer duration CC.

Learning to take advantage of the Resolve system can set you on the road to crushing your enemies, seeing them driven before you, and hearing the lamentation of the women.

If I’ve been unclear at any point, or if you are not clear on a particular topic, please feel free to ask any questions in the comments

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